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Jan 31, 2018

I have had several salespeople lately refer to "burn out." So I thought I would put my spin on how to work through it.

What determines if you are burned out? By definition, burn out is physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. (Unless you are Mike Davenport - here - LOL)

Overwork is an easier thing to overcome. And, your work matters. Workplace matters, because if you continue to get overworked, if you continue to see stress - you will collapse.

Thing is, stress is defined differently for everyone - what stresses one person out ignites another person's fire! So the answers here may help, but they won't be YOUR answers.

And the combination of overwork and stress can be a mess, it literally can be a deadly mix. I have seen people that have had heart attacks, strokes, and much more because of stress. You may have to really drill down and ask a tough question - Is it the job, is it the place - or is it you? Regardless of what business you are in, or how long you have been in that business for, I bet at one time, you thought it was the best thing ever!

In fact, if you are seeing a great level of success right now - do the activity I have outlined below right now! Don't wait to get fried, or burned out. Because if you write down the things that are allowing you to see success right now, then you can look back over time and give yourself some really awesome advice!

*** DO THIS ***

Right now is the time to slow down, sit down and write some things down... (Yes, write the questions out).

What do you still like about the business you are in? In the past, what DID you like about the business? Where is your passion and what gets you fired up? What would you do if it wasn't this, where you are, right now? What has this business given to you? And what has it taken away? What do you already know, but don't want to admit? List the things that you were you doing five, ten, or however many years ago that allowed you to see yourself as a success? Once you have the questions that are important to you written down - ANSWER THEM. Write 10 answers to each question... it gets tough.

You will have to mentally recap, maybe meditate and put yourself back there.

You must know what you are looking for BEFORE you decide that a new career or even a new environment is right for you. This takes time. You can do it in a day or two, maybe three. I would encourage you, ask those questions and push hard to physically write down like 10 answers to each question. Write down other things you didn't think of. You'll likely get a solid few pages of good advice that no one else can provide because you know you, far better than anyone else you could ask.


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