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Feb 22, 2018

Today, on The FRONT the theme is about winning.

Not just winning in a competition or competitive environment such as athletics, but winning in business.

Winning in business unlike winning in a competition such as sports, or board games, or arm wrestling is not by pushing past an opponent.

One vast difference – in a competition, you can gauge a win, because you beat the other team or your opponent by overall score or points. In business, YOU are the competition.

What about “winning” on social media? Right now, many people are keeping score on social and they are viewing a win based on their number of followers being the “points” – well let me give you a tip. Followers or social connections aren’t points… they are people. People want to engage, feel important and special. It may be important to connect with one today than to reach one million.

An example of a win on social media might be – for me at least – making a positive impact. When someone reaches out to me and says, “Hey, that really made my day.” That’s like kicking one through the goalposts for today. That’s a win!

In business, you must constantly be reassessing what your wins look like from day-to-day. Re-wire and re-program your mind to view the positive in any outcome and seek out winning, rather than to dwell on or focus on losing.

Let me give you an example – if you have a goal to sell 30 cars. And You finish at 27. Is that a win or loss? It’s 10% short, right? Most people chock that up to a loss, or a failure. Well… let me twist it up for you. You can still view this as a major WIN! Why? You succeeded in selling 27 cars. And if you can repeat those steps that you did 27 times, you can produce even more the next month, then the next and continue to win even more in the future.

I’ve put together five notes on WINNING to share with you today.

  1. You win through work. Winning in business, means you are willing to outwork others. To succeed.
  2. You continue to do what works. While innovation is necessary as quickly as our world and environments are changing. Business winners don’t have to re-invent the wheel, they instead sometimes spend time perfecting the things that already work (prior example).
  3. You push to outwork what you did yesterday. Yes, then days produce weeks, then years.
  4. You know that winning is a mindset. People that consistently win in business believe they will win. It’s not magic, or some secret sauce. It’s a belief system. That belief system allows them to put in the effort and actions that allow them to continue to win.
  5. Besides mindset character leads to winning. That’s what people look for and connect with, and how they decide whether they are going to do business with you or not. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What you ARE speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying.” In short, your actions… who YOU ARE outweighs what you SAY you are.

SO for today, or tomorrow … Be AWESOME! WIN!

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