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May 31, 2018

There is something special about willingness.

This is straight up having the will, preparedness, desire, and the want to do something.

When you type the word willingness into Google, It’s just a bunch of definitions. There aren’t a plethora of articles, or blogs, or people talking about what it is to be willing… to do something.

You’ve heard the saying: ready, willing, and able.

Often people get to the point of readiness. They are ready, for example, to take on a new position or opportunity. They think it has become suitable for them and they can obtain that “thing” whatever it may be.

BUT – if they are ready and never willing, that thing will pass them by. That thing will remain undone, or untapped.

Same thing with ability. When people are able to accomplish something. They have the skillset. They have the power, the proficiency, and the intelligence.

BUT again – if someone is not willing, all of the intelligence in the world is no replacement for taking action. Feeding the fire and passion and desire to DO.

So I take you back a few minutes ago to the beginning of this episode today. Willingness is the connector. It connects ready and able. It pushes us to action.

Willingness to do something – take a chance, on a part in a play, or a job, or love; this is what separates the have’s from the have-nots.

So given the choice, be open, be willing, SAY YES!

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