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Mar 18, 2018

I am talking about what people are pouring in, to you!

I did this as another Facebook Live Episode, which I am beginning to enjoy more!

You are either in some form of leadership, you are acknowledged as a leader, or you want to be.

As leaders, actually as people, we all pour ourselves into others at times. We offer advice and opinions and share information and want to be heard. In most cases, I think people, in general, want to do good. They want to spread goodness. I know we can all get caught in negativity or gossip – but we can also get caught up in the whirlwind of learning and teaching, sharing, and pushing others to grow and all of the positivity that is in the world too!

I have said in many episodes, to always be learning, workshops, classes, Google, YouTube, online connections – here I want to caution you too. Here is a thought - you need to be mindful of what you are allowing others to pour into you. Everyone is trying to be heard right now – there are a lot of superficial connections. This is rampant right now on social media because people want their little piece of fame.

Connection is supposed to be about the PERSON, not just their position or what they can do for you.

See you can choose what you let in what, put in your mind, you can choose what to watch, and what to listen to. But, often we are blinded by the lights, of fame, or popularity. And then, we let the message in no matter what. "Choice" is a powerful asset!

Ask yourself this:

1. Does the person or the information challenge you?

2. Does it grow you?

3. What value does it add?

Sometimes, you just need to listen to the message with your eyes closed and that will help you to make the decision. When you take away your sight and connect through listening and your heart – you can hear when a message is genuine or not. You can hear if the messenger is genuine or not. And, whether the information is right for you, right now, or not.

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