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Sep 16, 2018

Are you welcoming in things that don’t grow you or others?

I think often times, this is a question of more than just “what are you inviting in,” but, what are you actually WELCOMING into your life?

See inviting is extending an invitation - welcoming is actually being excited when that person or thing shows up in your life, or in your space.

For example… you have relatives show up at the house. What is the natural reaction… we welcome them into our home. But we have all have people that have “overstayed their welcome” - right? So what started out as a friendly gesture, or an opportunity to connect becomes something undesirable and frustrating.

We've all been there for more than just somebody showing up at the house. This happens in so many different areas of our lives that sometimes we don't even realize it.

So even though this is a maybe a short and simple message this afternoon I would ask yourself you can assess this in many ways.

You may ask yourself:

  • What am I welcoming into my head?
  • What am I welcoming into my business?
  • What am I welcoming into my family?
  • What am I welcoming into my life?

If these are not things that are helping you grow or move forward or move in the direction that you want to head, then you need to stop doing.

This statement has really been speaking to me a lot lately, “ where focus goes energy flows!”

And I've done previous episodes on it, but this is one of those things that it's just speaking to me right now because whatever it is that you are focused on your attracting to you. You're welcoming it to you. So if you want a different outcome you want a different result to change your focus.

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