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The FRONT: A Leadership Podcast

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Apr 15, 2018

Welcome! Today, I’m talking about this podcast and some things I have coming up.

I’ll be happy stop a few times, since we’re live, feel free to ask some questions in the sidebar! So, let’s chat.

This happens to be the 85th Episode of THE FRONT – I started this podcast to really focus on:

  • Being out front, by constantly working on growth for yourself and growing others around you.
  • Leading from the front, meaning getting up and taking action to impact others
  • Continuing to be on the cutting edge, and the front of management, leadership, sales and other facets of business.

One of the tough parts like so many online interactions – is you never really know who will connect with your content, or even who sees it. For me, it is about doing something good. As for subject matter, The FRONT focuses on three primary subjects that are very near and dear to me.

  1. Sales Training – The sales training I give I try to have be practical and useful. It comes from my almost 15 years in the auto industry and more than 25 years overall in business.
  2. Motivational Content – Motivation is ultimately a need or want. Motivation is temporary, but it’s a start. It’s a pump up and makes people, you specifically feel good!
  3. Leadership – As I mentioned above, most of my life I have been in a management or leadership role in business. Leadership I have found is not a title that can be given. It’s an action, that others associate and connect with you as a leader

Where do I get my content? It’s a culmination of past learning, current events, impactful things that people say to me. But, ultimately it’s ideas that I figure these things are affecting, or having an impact on me, I want to share those ideas with others. Because if there is a need in one person's life, it’s likely there is a need for others as well.

A few notes: DO me a favor, if you are sharing episodes of THE FRONT on your social, with your company, friends, business people – and please do share! Use the #TheFRONT and if you are in a leadership role or management, or you want to add #ThePride.

WHY? Well #TheFRONT, is to help get the word out on the show. And #ThePride refers to a pride of lions, leaders, kings of their domain. It’s a group of like-minded individuals that have come together into a sort of strong mastermind group – these are the people I want to be able to search #ThePride hashtag and feel confident to reach out and connect with one another.

One last thing – I am relaunching tomorrow morning a daily, weekdays, Bible verse reading. I’ve titled this Morning Verses With Mike (MVWM) and will be going live from my personal Facebook page, then reposting to a YouTube Playlist, so if that’s something you are interested in, then reach out and let’s connect!

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