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Nov 16, 2017

Today we are talking about more than taking action... take inspirational action!

Any time you take a class, or workshop, conference or training, most of the time, you will come back to your business life "FIRED UP"! But, when you return, it takes more than just fire to make an impact on your sales or your business. If there is no action taken... then nothing is going to change for you, your business, or the people around you. You will have to ask yourself a couple of questions and be deliberate about taking some specific actions. Act while you are fired up and inspired!

  1. What are you actually going to ACT ON, on your return? When you get back to your regular business life, what will you DO?
  2. What connections are you going to deliberately maintain? Who are you going to take initiative to stay connected with? We all make great connections and friendships throughout our lives... Do your part to maintain them once you've made them!


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