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Feb 11, 2018

Today, I just compiled some of my thoughts on paper and put together five leadership notes.

Many people think they are leaders. Some are correct… and frankly, some are not. Sometimes people are just wrong in their assessment. Right now, in 2018, anyone with some social accounts and money to spend on ads can stake their claim. Just having a desire or a claim to leadership doesn’t mean a person has the assets, character, courage or fortitude to be a leader. It doesn’t mean they can teach others, or have the work ethic. Real leadership takes a lot of work. often assume that once they are in management and they are given a leadership title that is enough. Real leadership is more than a title. It’s deeds, it's what you do. What we do, what we take action on far outweighs any title we can be given. If you have the title, but people aren’t following you – either you are keeping your talents to yourself (not a good leadership trait), or you need to step outside yourself and be real in an assessment of your leadership qualities.

Here are my leadership notes (in no particular order):

  1. You must care: You must care about the people. You have to take the time to get to know them. People that are indifferent or disconnected, do not make good leaders. And they won’t retain people to follow them for any length of time. A solid question for anyone in leadership to ask is, “Is this person better off now, than when I came into their life?”
  2. You have to care more about the people than the process: People are our single most valuable asset. If you don’t have people… who are you leading? I love the process or goal setting and achievement as much as anyone. But, you must have the people to execute the processes.
  3. Sense of purpose allows the most impactful growth. Power is not the defining factor for most very successful leaders. Most highly successful leaders are not about the money… though through their success, the money shows up. The driver… it’s purpose. They know deep down what their passion is, and what is driving them. They know that what they do will make an impact on their team, staff, their whole network. And they take that seriously.
  4. Strong leaders develop people: Leadership is a talent magnet – people are simply attracted to other people that are real. Leaders are fearless in the development of others. They know that over time if they really grow someone to maximize their potential it makes for a markedly stronger team. If you can’t or won’t develop talent, or retain "talent" you are not a leader, you are a manager.
  5. Leaders produce results: People that are real leaders perform – they get the job done. Leaders have an understanding that goals are meant to be met, not just set. They push themselves and their people to accomplish, not just try.

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