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Feb 11, 2019

Today I'm sharing with you my 5 Step Sales Process example that drives proven results.

This process can apply to many verticals in business and over a multitude of products. And, if you implement this, it can really simplify your life, and maximize the time involved from greeting to closing the sale.

This works best in B2B or B2C sales environments when you engage face to face with your potential buyer. Whether you are selling widgets, steak knives, paintings, cars, or houses, you can apply this right now.

For me, this resulted in over 25 units per month personally (auto sales) and has generated over $30 million per year in retail sales for the company.
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1. Greet the customer.

2. Wants and Needs Evaluation (Qualify)

3. Present the product

4. Demonstrate the product (allow the customer to do this)

5. Close the deal.


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