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Nov 20, 2017

This is a video recap from my trip to Las Vegas and The Rockstar Automotive Conference (#RACV)

This auto conference was really a fun and phenomenal event! It is hosted by Mat Koenig and Chris Speer - and WOW - did they put on a show!

I hadn't attended the Rockstar Conference prior, so I went in not knowing 100% what to expect. Of course, like many conferences, they offered tangible, real-world tactics. There were sessions and speakers on SEO, SEM, Facebook, Sales Training, and all of the automotive fare you would expect. But, there was more than that. There were some amazing people with character that you could tell are guided by positive moral principles, that presented sessions.

The connections with the other people in attendance as well as the speakers were really genuine. For me, it was kind of like #AutomotiveHollywood, because there were so many awesome people I wanted to meet... and the Rockstar delivered.

So here we go, I managed to get this video recap to just under 20 minutes (even with the intro!)

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