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Jul 1, 2018

That's right! YOU... are excellent!

Whatever day or time you are watching this video, I want to remind you that you are an amazing and unique being. You are excellent! In fact, stand up and tell yourself that… “I am EXCELLENT!” (You can yell it if you want to!) And for anyone that is listening, they should hear it too!

So often what we do every day becomes the norm. We become numb to it.  Our abnormal, the stands outs or the things that used to be outstanding and special or amazing become normal. These become everyday mundane actions. And, they become expected.

Oddly, sometimes, if someone asks us about how we are special, or different, or what we do that is excellent, sometimes it’s hard to search for the words. Because it’s how we engage and what we do every day.

Let me share an example, our dealership, is in the running for an award based on customer service. Now we all would like to think we have outstanding customer service, but the customer’s experience is more than just being nice. And our management team was being interviewed by a group of evaluators, the question, I’ll give as an example, was about training, and how often, and what we do, and who conducts training?

Then… how do you decide what to train on? We stopped and stared at one another… 10 seconds is a long time in that situation, each one of us knowing, but not wanting to stumble over the other… “Well because we just do, we are in tune with what needs to be done in our stores.” The evaluator became visibly frustrated, and said, “NO! But what caused you to train on those items, and how do you know they got it?” And more importantly, how can you measure it.

Measurement in so many areas of business is critical to success to know if you are headed in the right direction or not.

After another minute, maybe, to put it into words, what over time has become second nature to us… we do those things. The decision is made what to train on and who to train it based on surveys provided to our staff, they vote on what they need. We poll management to determine strengths and weaknesses and using those, we develop a schedule up to 60 days in advance.

Then we create a plan of specifics for those items, handouts, etc. Then once the information is presented, we test our staff on it to know they have it. And ultimately these items are measured by surveys presented to customers and statistics based on areas within our sale.

So it’s all there, and not egotistically, we are good at it, but over time, it has become normal, numb, and expected.

I encourage you. Remind yourself… say it again, “I am EXCELLENT!”

Think about the things that you are doing in your regular day-to-day routines that you are good at, maybe even an expert, write them down. It’s important that you remind yourself how good you really are sometimes.

In fact, do me a favor, share one or two or three things in the comments below that you are excellent at! I’d love to continue the conversation with you after the episode!

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