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Nov 12, 2018

Are you pursuing perfection?

You may not be likely to achieve perfection. So many people that are successful are chasing perfection.

Pursuing perfection isn’t about being a perfectionist, or even ever catching it. It’s about checking your work though, and then double checking your work.

I think that everything that you are chasing should be a pursuit to make the physical world as good as the amazing things that we have in our heads. It’s hard for many people to ever achieve and match the visions that are in their head, to what is real life. Part of the advantage of chasing that imagination and that perfection is it creates an unbelievable journey.

Me right now with video - I get a lot of compliments on the productions I create. I had someone comment the other night about how every time I get new equipment that those shows always have a ton of engagement and views. The thing is, I am just pushing a little bit more each time to get the type of message and production out in the video so that it matches the excellence in my head.

When you pursue perfection in anything, even if you don’t ever get it “perfect,” you never catch perfection, you will achieve such a high level of excellence in the process - you will have achieved something that others only dream of.

So in that pursuit, here are seven things that I would recommend you do in your pursuit of perfection.

  1. Get clarity in your mind.
  2. Work on yourself, every single day.
  3. Check your work. (Double check it).
  4. Try two more times.
  5. Be ok with change.
  6. Acknowledge that perfection is unattainable.
  7. Accept the excellence that comes in the process of mastery.

So keep getting up early, keep fueling passion, keep chasing sunsets. There is power in the pursuit.

Have a great day!