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Sep 18, 2017

This show is a repeat. It's about Purpose. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

Like the quote says, I used to think that I was searching for my purpose. And for a brief time, I thought that the one reason I was put here was to make an impact on others, help train and grow people. I thought that was my purpose… if you listen to Tony Robbins, that was my driving, “WHY.”


But, what if you had more than one reason… what if I told you that you need to let go of the ONE. What if there wasn’t only one “current” purpose that you should be working on for the next 5, 10 or 15 years before you can work on what you REALLY want to do? Here is a (maybe) harsh reality for some of you. God did not whisper to you and tell you to do this for only the time being, it isn’t to just pass the time. You are supposed to be excellent and be GREAT at today! Your today could be to make an impact on your team, your staff, your network… it could easily be all those things. However, what if today is the day you are supposed to be a kick-ass husband, father, wife, or mother? What if today your one sole purpose for today is to be a best friend? Not a superficial best friend, but the kind that listens without opinion and offers no judgment… Even later. This is me sharing a heavy opinion and insight right now. Each day may bring a new purpose.


Once you understand that there is more than just one thing. You may start to look at what you are doing each day differently. You will look at the world differently and in-turn, the world will smile and look back differently on you. That’s God at work. The purpose is NOT the gold watch. Let me ask you if money was no object, would you be doing (for work) what you are doing right now?


If you have ever tuned into Mike P (me) before, I had a radio show for a time, that grew to around 5000 listeners each week. I’ve coached thousands of youth sports competitors, I’ve worked with hundreds of people in business; you have heard me say that there are two primary things that YOU can control in your life – ACTIONS and ATTITUDE (AA’s) If you have ever looked up purpose in the dictionary – PURPOSE is a verb. A noun is a thing, a verb is an action. What?! Purpose is defined as – “to have as one’s intention or objective.” Regardless of what you think your PURPOSE is in this life. Why God put you here. You can never think your way into purpose. It’s not possible to only have a great attitude and think it will happen. You must DO your way into purpose – you must have your dream, and take a little piece of action towards that belief and towards your purpose every day, for that day. Thank you for everyone and anyone who took the time to either tune into the video or read through the blog! I hope you have a fantastic and purpose-filled day!  

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