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Oct 25, 2017

Let’s face it, some days you are just not in it at 100%.

There are days you either are hurt, sick, or just have an off-energy day and you don’t even want to show up to your business. These are the times that you must. Today is one of those days for me – I have a head cold. If you are on the other side of the screen or speakers, it doesn’t matter – what’s the message?

Here it goes.

There is a rule in business that I have heard stated as: Performance = Ability X Motivation Therefore: Your Performance = Your Ability X Your Motivation (for the day) And: Your Team’s Performance = Their Ability X Your Motivation – WAIT WHAT? That’s right when you are in a leadership role. Your team's performance is amplified by your performance and motivation as a leader. It’s always amplified – it doesn’t matter what direction. It can be amplified for excellence, or amplified for crap. For example – if you catch a cold and have to call in sick, your team will catch pneumonia. (It’s a metaphor) And one by one, many people start following suit and calling in sick after you have. It’s the leadership ripple effect that I have mentioned before. During cold or flu season – if one person lets on that they have the crud… then whether it’s real and people get sick, or not, and they use it to take personal time – it always happens. So there are some days, regardless of how you feel, you must dress up in a smile and show up. Act as if. Act as if you feel okay if you are ready to be there, and as if everything is just fine. Because in leadership, your followers, your team is ALWAYS watching. I’m not asking you to BS your way through it every day, that wouldn’t be healthy. If you are not motivated every day in your role – find something else and go do it. I’m simply acknowledging that we all have “those days” and you have to power through them. And I’ll let you in on a secret, while everyone may show you sympathy, and they will genuinely be concerned. They ultimately don’t care, they are depending on your skills and performance, they are depending on your motivation and ultimately depending on your leadership. So you want to have a killer team environment, want more consistent wins and performance? Know that your team's performance rises and falls on your leadership. Make sure you show up, sometimes fake it until you make it – enhance and amplify your team by pushing yourself to stay motivated.

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