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Jun 28, 2017

Never Give Up! You can do it!

My inspiration today is brought to you by our kickboxing coach. Mr. Russ (Ruselis). He is out of this world and inspires many people every day with his smile and upbeat attitude. When inspiration hits (like it did me this morning in class...) you have to take it and run with it!

Watch the video above to get the #IMPACT. My wife and I take a kickboxing class on Wednesdays and we run drills; one minute on the heavy bag, one minute off the heavy bag (workout and calisthenics). While a minute may seem like a short period of time, in business, and in life, we often take our minutes for granted. In a workout drill, one minute can seem like an eternity... sweat, wearing out, pain, shaking. Our coach was on fire this morning (as were my legs). He made this simple, yet profound statement. "Don't Give Up! Never Give Up! When you stop... you only get good at one thing... giving up. So, just keep going!"  That simple statement struck a chord and got me all fired up and allowed me to persevere... until...  Your life, our lives, they are quite similar to that ONE MINUTE. It feels like an eternity, a long ride. But, when you look back on it all, those minutes they all stack up. NEVER GIVE UP!

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