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May 23, 2018

This episode of the FRONT is about the phone call and making the connection with the customer.

This one is about sales. Whether you are in front line sales, especially auto sales, business development (or BDC), this one is for you.

I appreciate that there are options other than just the phone call – there is text, chat, FB Messenger etc. But, as I have said in prior shows, I still love the art of the live phone call. The reason is that to me that is the tipping point – it’s right before you are going to get the meeting, or set the appointment with the customer. It’s the rush, before the real-life meeting.

So here we go. These things are not process driven per se, but things that I see you must execute on during your call to set an appointment.

  1. Voice tone and set the tone. This is so critical to convey emotion over the phone – and so often we are simply not good at this part of the conversation.
  2. Works towards the next step. Every single thing you do should be to progress to the next step closer to your appointment. If it isn’t moving you closer to the appointment, it’s moving you closer to ending the call.
  3. Sell the positives. Be conscious to sell what you CAN do for the customer, rather than what you can’t do. We are often quick to tell a customer, “NO” because we think it allows us to stay in control of what we are offering. Think to yourself, how can I re-work this to tell them what I can do?

So there it is. Also, this works on texting too, or email. You just tweak it a little to quit the medium. i.e. Carefully choose your words, Work towards the next step, Sell what you can do.

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