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Dec 20, 2018

This week my guest is George J Chanos.

This week I'm excited to be interviewing another fantastic guest for Live Leadership Lessons from the FRONT, the amazing George Chanos!

George J. Chanos, Esq. served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General. He administered Nevada’s Department of Justice and acted as the state’s chief legal officer and advisor. He also successfully (9/0), argued the case of Warton v. Bockting, 549 U.S. 406 (2007), before the United States Supreme Court. 

Prior to serving as Nevada’s Attorney General, Mr. Chanos had a distinguished legal career, representing individual and corporate clients on all matters relating to the growth and management of their businesses. Mr. Chanos has a common-sense approach to dealing with problems and a unique ability to understand and explain complex issues.


George is an amazing individual. With such a colorful background. After suffering a major heart attack it caused him to reflect and sharpen his focus, turning his gaze to what it truly most important to him.

He began writing a letter to his kids to share lessons he had learned, to impart wisdom, his knowledge, and how he thought they could find true happiness. Before he knew it his letter exceeded 100 pages and became the book. "SEIZE YOUR DESTINY: Choices That Lead to a Happy, Successful, and Meaningful Life." (You can get a copy of George's Book HERE!)

I really enjoyed our conversation especially regarding impact and influence, and mentoring the upcoming generation of leaders. His philosophy on "picking up the mantle" to be a positive influence to our future leaders is truly admirable.

There is so much insight, and wisdom shared in this episode, you must TUNE in and watch this 30 minutes of absolute fire!

He closes at the end offering a "challenge" to adults everywhere to inspire, give back, and help by mentoring others.

The best way to contact George J Chanos is through his website and you can reach out to George on most every social media platform - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

His book “Seize Your Destiny” is available on and his second book “Millennial Samurai”, will be released in 2019.

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