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Oct 24, 2018

This week my guest is Evan Carmichael!

If you are not previously familiar with Evan, he is like a motivational DJ of video content on YouTube! His channel is truly inspiring and Evan and his team have fresh remixes of leadership, motivation, innovation, and growth every day on his channel.

Evan believes in entrepreneurs.

At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping raise $500k to $15mil. Evan now runs the biggest YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with 1.5M+ subscribers. He breathes and bleeds entrepreneurship. He aims to help 1 billion entrepreneurs and unlock human potential. He's set 2 world records, uses a stand-up desk, rides a Vespa, raises funds for Kiva, wears 5-toe shoes and created Entrepreneur trading cards. He speaks globally but Toronto (#EntCity) is home. He loves being married, his son, salsa dancing, DJing, League of Legends, and the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Evan is the author of Your One Word, the powerful secret to building a life and business that matter and The Top 10 Rules for Success, Rules to Succeed in Business and Life from Titans, Billionaires, and Leaders who Changed the World.

One of my favorite statements that Evan makes on the show is that as a leader, you have to want the people that are working for you to win, more than you want them to win with you!

And, he gives the reminder that it's important for the people behind the scenes to celebrate wins. Remind everyone that their work matters.

This is one you are going to have to watch to get all the nuggets and awesomeness! Make sure and check out this great addition to the “Live Leadership Lesson Series


The best way is to connect with Evan is to tune in to his YouTube channel!

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