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Jan 17, 2019

This week's Live Leadership Lesson from the FRONT is with another great guest Edward Karram.

Edward is an entrepreneur, public speaker, business coach and the CEO of SELL-U.

After owning several businesses from restaurants, martial arts studios, to construction companies, Edward stumbled, almost by accident on to the financial services sector. Here is where he felt his true calling was. Facing numerous obstacles and powerful people who didn't like his direct approach and "Tell it how it is" honesty, he managed to build one of the fastest growing training platforms in the country, helping thousands of agents and advisers across the nation and the world reach their true potential, and generate a multiple six-figure streams of income.


You MUST watch this episode of THE FRONT. Edward is very genuine, well-spoken and brings a lot of wisdom and insight to the show tonight.

I really love the fact that he brings up more than once for success, people MUST be teachable. This is such a massive key to all of our success, not just in leadership, but certainly in life! So stay teachable!

I asked Edward what are three key characteristics for business or leadership success. He nails it here.

  1. You must have belief. Belief in yourself, believe in your product. Have a strong foundation.
  2. You must be driven to succeed. Keep going no matter what. You WILL fail, accept it, learn from it and move on.
  3. And Edward says this is the most important. Do the things that no one wants to do, but must do, to enjoy success - BE RELENTLESS!

Such a good show! Make sure you click above and watch the entire show OR click down below and tune in to the podcast!

The best way to contact Edward - check out his site at or drop your EMAIL ADDRESS HERE and he will get back to you!

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