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Dec 6, 2018

With me this week on The FRONT is Cory Mosley, this guy is an all-around amazing business leader!! 

Cory is an award-winning business strategist, coach, and speaker. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14 with business interests in the salon, laundry, business consulting, automotive, and confectionary sectors. Cory has a track record of creating 7-figure revenues, serving small business owners and successfully negotiating deals with major corporations like Volkswagen, BBDO, Urban Science and COX Enterprises.
Cory is an accredited Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association... and... he is an all around great person!

Cory is about big ideas and where he can go with others. He is about vision in business and going BIG. And he is focused on "the breakthrough."

One of my favorite statements that Cory shared was about tiering up. For example, if you are making $48,000 you need to tier up first to six figures, then seven figures, and then move up from there. You don't have the depth or experience to see Richard Branson level income from where you are living right now.

He shared that people need to be trainable and coachable, or they are replaceable.

This amazing piece of insight Cory drops near the end. You have to watch the entire episode! It's great! 

"What is it that connects your passion to your ability to create the lifestyle that you want?" ~ Cory Mosley

There is so much wisdom shared in this episode, you have to TUNE in and watch this 30 minutes of absolute fire!


Cory is a great person, and this episode is a great addition with his wisdom on leadership, business, and entrepreneurism! Make sure and check out this great addition to the “Live Leadership Lesson Series

The best way to connect with Cory is through his website at I am certain that if you want to grow, tier-up, and have your own breakthrough you need to connect with Cory Mosley.

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