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Aug 23, 2018

This week my guest is BOBBIE HERRON!

Bobbie is the President of The Bees Knees Agency which partners with automotive dealerships to make smart decisions and train people for peak performance. Bobbie is a problem solver. She is an amazing trainer. She is genuine, professional, and an absolute force... but most of all she is known for spending her days working on world domination and her polished badassery!

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I am such a fan of Bobbie! She is just a phenomenal woman. Well-rounded, strong business professional, and still talking with her she is always warm, caring, and makes you feel like the only person in the world. She is great!

Some really good points that Bobbie had to share regarding leadership are:

  1. You have to CARE. If you don't care about your people and their growth. They won't care about you.
  2. Let go of control. People that are in management and leadership are often wanting to have total control. You have to let that go or your people won't grow.
  3. Learn to coach with grace. You have to have grace and compassion to coach people, which may include really tough conversations or even terminating them. Be caring in coaching too!

This episode is really, really amazing, and I would encourage you tuning in either to the video or the podcast!

You can connect with Bobbie on her website for The Bees Knees Automotive Agency here or the Facebook Page here -


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