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Jul 19, 2018

This week my guest is Anthony Alagona! 

Anthony is a nationally recognized Sales, BDC, and Motivational Trainer. He is an absolute rockstar on Business Development Center Training. He helps find customers, maintain customers, and create an amazing post-sale experience for people that buy. His roots are in hospitality and his heart is now in the car business! Anthony and I have talked on numerous occasions and he is an absolute force and a class act!  Make sure and check out this great addition to the “Live Leadership Lesson Series”

Make sure and check out this great addition to the “Live Leadership Lesson Series”

His three primary leadership characteristics really hit home with me!

  1. You MUST be selfless. Invest in other people. When you help others grow, you grow too!
  2. Accountability. You must hold yourself and others accountable.
  3. Create good habits. Your habits dictate your results. If you have crappy habits = crappy results. Good habits = good results.

Best line/quote in the video EVER... "Business development isn't a department, it's a mindset." ~ Anthony Alagona.

AND learn the D.I.M.E. concept! (You have to watch to learn about it!)

I really took away a lot of amazing This show is great! It is a MUST watch episode!

You can connect with Anthony at

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