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Apr 29, 2018

I’ve been reminded this week at least three, maybe four… or five times, in a short time frame, that the most growth comes from letting go of control.

People in leadership – type A people who work their tails off to get to where they’re going. You know what they have a really hard time doing?

Letting go of control.

People that become the strongest leaders they want to leave a legacy and make a name for others. And then other people praise their leader's name and make them legendary.

I said I have heard this (that I need to Let go and Let God for example) several times this week – it has come from friends, coaches, mentors, and then last night as a parent. My 17-year-old son, our oldest child, had prom.

If you haven’t been through this with a child - whew – for me, I realized yesterday, this is the handoff. We are right around the corner from manhood. We did the parent thing, met the young lady's parents, went and got photos… and then we had to let these two young adults – go. On our way home, I realized… he’s never done the valet, or a parking garage. Man, I hope he tips them properly. Then they are going to be out late - too late. Drive safe, be safe – stay the course. And then I couldn’t sleep.

😊 But, my wife assured me, that we have parented up to this point and all would be fine.

So let me explain how this equates to business.

What I have seen people that are managers - they want to quarterback everything, they want to call shots and make a name for themselves. They keep things close to the vest, they take credit for everything and train themselves, but don’t always effectively train their people to evolve.

Leadership, sometimes, is letting go, so people can grow, and thrive, and evolve. If you find yourself unable or unwilling to let go of the power, the training, the acknowledgement – it’s likely that you are a manager – not a leader.

If you have done your job as an authentic and genuine leader. Really wanting your people to grow, then let them go and win it. It becomes your job to step in when things don’t go right – that is when you become the shield – and that is the time to accept the blame. Then you train, you grow with your people – and you let them try again, until…   

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