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Apr 5, 2018

Where does that come from? "Let's go for coffee?"

I was in Denver for the Innovative Dealer Summit, an automotive conference, the past two days. I use real life for inspiration – to find and share the good! So this is today!

I had the pleasure of finally meeting my friend Terry Lancaster in person today. You may ask, how did you just meet him. Terry and I have been connected on social media for over 7 years… I checked. On my birthday each year, he has been wishing me a “Happy Mike Day” since 2011.

Prior to today, we saw that we would both be in the same place for the conference this week and like so many social media friends, business associates, and connections we agreed, “Hey, let’s meet for coffee!”

The problem with these small commitments, is with anyone, they often get swept under the rug – because we are busy!

I want to encourage you of this --- Little things matter. Little commitments when we say we will do something – it is important to follow through.

The little commitments that we make take part in defining our character, not just to other people, but also to ourselves.Each of our decisions define us, they define who we are and who we might become. So when you have followed through on little things, it becomes amplified, because it is then an important item on your “to-do” list.

There is no replacement for a genuine one-on-one connection with someone. Nothing on social, or text, or phone, or even video chat, can replace sitting down and looking someone in the face to have a conversation and take a genuine interest. I would have never known that Terry was in radio, or about his family, or several of the other things we talked about – had we not taken the time today. We both still could be good guys, but we would have both robbed ourselves of the opportunity to make a real and meaningful connection.

Little commitments when we say we will do something – it is important to follow through. Even on the coffee dates, the “I’ll call you’s” and the weekend playdates. They all matter. 

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