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Sep 2, 2018

Do you learn when you lose?

High School Football season is back! I love this time of year. Connecting with other parents, having pride in watching all of our kids play. And like each of the players, and other fans that are cheering for our team - I WANT THEM TO WIN!

Our oldest son’s football team suffered their first loss of the season yesterday. It was against a team that is very good, they were rated better. But, our team played phenomenally! As parents, fans, and even the coaches - we want to see them excel, even when it means sometimes we don’t take home the “W”

After the game, certainly our boys were upset, that happens, because in the moment, that WIN is the most important thing to them. As parents, we can see past the one game.

One of the coaches and I were talking after the game and we both agreed, better to take a loss now early in the season, and really learn from it - with the hopes to take home a bunch more wins!

See as long as you learn from a loss, you take home a lesson from your mistakes. That is what is most important. See the other team had beaten us, not because they outplayed us significantly - but it was based on us making simple mistakes. So the time is now to correct those things and then have a really amazing ongoing season.

Another note - you get better when you play against people that are better than you. See if these young men were lined up all season against teams that weren’t so good, then it would be a cake walk… UNTIL… they met someone that was a contender. This way they are going in eyes wide open for the rest of the season. They will (hopefully) have that challenger mentality!

So for all of us that are success driven in life, we only want to take the wins; be aware, if you don’t take a loss sometimes and learn from it - you will NEVER REACH THE FULLEST POTENTIAL OF WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO BE!

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