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Jan 28, 2019

Let's talk about the leader shift that must take place in business so that everyone can continue to enjoy success.

This is relevant to both leaders that are already running a business, and also those that are about to be taking on leadership responsibilities.

Social media, technology, peoples mind about social media, and technology are all changing on a daily basis. Leadership has to progress forward as quickly too, and sometimes I think we get stuck. Stuck in how we were trained in management. People become afraid to try something new because the outcome is untested.

With as quickly as things are moving in society and in the world today. People in leadership roles need to do the same. They have to move quickly, be efficient and be open to change. Leaders have to constantly be upgrading themselves and evolving if they want to stay relevant.

Just think about this - not that long ago, people worked hard to get a title. When these "bosses" made it into management, many thought they had made it. And for the people that worked for them, it was “listen to me.” That no longer works, now, it has to be, “I’ll listen to you” and then “we can work together towards the desired result."

I share three key items today to keep making a leader shift n your leadership.

What are some key ways that you see that leaders can make a shift to have stronger leadership right now?

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