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Jun 17, 2018

Today, on this Father’s day episode of the FRONT...

I just wanted to share the three things I am thankful for, my three kids: Colin, Carter, and Emersyn. And here are a few notes on what I am most proud of from each of them.

  1. Colin

    • His character, he has a very strong moral compass, at 17 we trust him beyond measure to make good decisions.
    • Integrity and honesty, he is always direct and straightforward.
    • Work ethic, in everything he does, he pours himself into it; from school work to athletics.
  2. Shawn Carter

    • Integrity, Carter is legit. If you ask him something you can expect the honest answer.
    • His Intelligence, he works to expand his intelligence daily and is always trying to figure out how things work.
    • Confidence, especially as he heads into his teenage years. He is really coming out of his shell.
    • His desire to improve, in athletics for example, right now he requested to go to the gym and work on his skills five days a week, to get better and advance.
  3. Emersyn

    • Her caring. She is such a loving little girl. She just lets her emotions be her guide. She wants everyone to be happy and included.
    • Her work ethic. We see this in school and in her gymnastics. She puts in a lot of effort.
    • Her fortitude. You may think it is silly to describe a little girl with fortitude. But, man, when she locks onto something there is no question figure it out and get what she wants.

So again, Happy Father’s Day to you if you are a dad, or a granddad, or an acting dad! You rock!

If today is just “Sunday” to you, or any other day, if you happen to be catching this later; I hope you make today amazing!

What are some things you are thankful for, or most proud of? I would love for you to share in the comments below, and let’s carry on the conversation!

Have a great day and a Fantastic Father’s Day everyone! Talk to you soon!

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