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Oct 22, 2017

It's true. Evolution and sacrifice are different things, but I imagine you know that.

Let me explain the context...This episode came out of a conversation that my wife and I were having about a pop artist last night. While listening to the radio, I commented that, “(The artist) doesn’t know who she is, or who her audience is anymore.” And my wife agreed. We talked for a while about how people put into certain situations, will change for the moment, to fit in, or to gain popularity. Most of the time, the people on the outside can easily see that it’s not really who they are, and they become exposed. And then I got to thinking about that statement…life is about evolving and growing. My wife even said to me, well that person is in a different place than when they started. True, but is it the right place for them, is it a good place – neither of us can answer that question. It’s not our life; not our path.

ev·o·lu·tion - the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

And in the limelight – it’s way more complex I’m sure.

sac·ri·fice - give up (something important or valued) for the sake of other considerations.

Problem is, that people sacrifice things all the time that shouldn’t be sacrificed. Then they find themselves frustrated and filled with sadness or despair – OR WORSE - Alone, because they sacrificed themselves quickly and for the moment. We all want to grow, and evolve and develop and improve. But, here is where I will caution you: You want to evolve, without sacrificing who you are in your core. You mustn’t give in to popularity and give up your character. Your mental state and your morals. Don’t lose your integrity, you know what right and wrong are, though to some this is subjective at times. This is your truth, which also makes up your moral fiber. Stay true to the core values. The core values of the person that you are, and who you are wanting to become. Values are your essence, they are made up of your character, and integrity, your emotional state, your attitude, your beliefs – it is YOU. When I am looking at these things, right now, in society, there are so many people that will sacrifice who they are - to be liked, or rich, or famous. The problem with that is when you throw in the towel on your values, you create inner turmoil. Your “heart” that knows all the things that you are. And your “head” that knows what you want, even if it’s temporary. It takes far more strength, in my opinion, to stay you, and honor who you are and who you are becoming than to become what others want you to be.

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