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Jan 31, 2019

It's important for anyone in a leadership role to be empowering people. This is a basic principle to achieve high levels of success in an organization.

Why? Because we can’t do everything ourselves. And if we don’t give responsibilities and power to others, then ultimately we will be forced to take on tasks ourselves. Including tasks that should be taken on by people that are better suited than us.

Empower at its core is to give someone the power to do something; it’s also making others stronger and more confident in themselves. Because when people are stronger and more confident, especially in business - more gets done, we see better results and everyone profits more. From the employee, the manager, the leader, and the organization.

So let’s talk about a few ways to provide empowerment.

  1. Training - improving peoples skill sets in many areas allows them to get stronger; training creates confidence.
  2. Communication - when you communicate well with people it helps them understand the depth of decision making they have. It gives clarity.
  3. Trust - trust is hard because sometimes people will make mistakes. If or rather when mistakes happen. Use them as learning opportunities. And keep in mind, the better-trained someone is and the better YOU communicate with them, the fewer mistakes and the stronger the level of trust.

So those are a few ways I used to empower my employees, and the people I work with. What are the things you do? I would love to hear in the comments what methods are you using to empower people in your business?

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