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Jul 31, 2017

Childlike Perseverance, meaning you should try UNTIL...

Perseverance is going until you complete a task. It is not trying, it is all about doing. Here are a few tips to get you to the end of your tasks! Everyone faces challenges in life, but it’s not the obstacles that define us. Rather, it is the way that we stand up for ourselves and push back against them that ultimately writes our character.  Kids Ignore the Rain. They only look for the rainbow. Courage and confidence come through every experience you have in your life. Maximize it. Love it, live it. Nothing is worth more than being in the present and capturing moments! It's the stuff that's right in front of you right now!

  1. Hope is powerful. Hold onto it: Beauty can grow from darkness and uncertainty. To cultivate it, we simply have to find that little snippet of hope and hold onto it—and we all have the strength to do that.
  2. See Bright Side: When your perspective seems to be working against you, make that important decision to flip the coin—change the paradigm—and look at the bright side.
  3. Live, Eyes Wide Open: Appreciate the people in your life, the small moments of joy that you encounter every day, and most importantly, appreciate YOU!