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Oct 15, 2017

Building on Yesterday’s Performance and Getting Better Every Day!

Today, I’m going to give you 10 actions or mindsets to aid you in continually upping your performance.

Know this, your present conditions reflect decisions you have made in the past. So today, when you look back on yesterday – it was YOU that made the right decisions that garnered you the win and hit the goals you had for yourself at that time. Your decisions and actions today will be reflected in tomorrow’s outcomes. Whatever your best performance was yesterday, you’ve done it, you’ve achieved it. It’s not the BEST anymore. That doesn’t mean that it is an average performance for you, but you only get one BEST. Here is an example: If you put up a phenomenal performance, let’s say in sales. Say you sell 20 (or 30) cars. That is certainly an excellent job. While that may be your best performance now. It’s repeatable. If you invest the same activities, the same time, the same effort or energy, you should get the same or similar results.


Once you put points on the board and get what is considered a win, the most successful people up their game. They MUST, something inside them drives them. When the goal is achieved, high performers go after more. High achievers know that if they don’t… then they will become stagnant and just like a train pulling out of the station. It’s tough to get going again.

Here are my 10 keys to remember to building on yesterday’s performance:

  1. Success is never as hard as you think it will be. The sooner you start, the sooner it happens. The biggest thing holding you back is just the fear. Fear of rejection, judgement, the unknown… JUST START.
  2. (Success) Hitting your goal will never be as good as you think it will be. Often when you make it to the top of the mountain, you look around and say, “Is this all there is?” Enjoy the view for a bit, then climb another mountain, KEEP GOING!
  3. Competition isn’t the real enemy of your success. You are. One of your continued goals should be to improve a little each day and strive to be better than yourself. The real testament of success if to improve on your own performance each day.
  4. Who you WANT to be, your belief and vision will ALWAYS drive you from within. People that are competitors aren’t afraid to show emotion and allow it to steer them. They lead from their heart. When they feel it is right – they go there.
  5. Setup and preparation is as important as your actions. You must have a plan to act on, and you must act on your plan. If you are in constant preparation mode, nothing may ever get done. If you are DOING things and taking action without a plan, many time things won’t get done correctly. So performance takes a little of each – preparation and action.
  6. Time management is a farce. You cannot manage time, you can only manage the actions that you put into that time. When you look at it, there is really a lot you can accomplish in 5 or 10 minutes. Make 3 phones calls and connect with someone, make dinner, drive across town, write a blog, listen to an uplifting message. You just have to decide and then GO!
  7. Get up early. There is a tremendous amount of success that happens in the hour before the sun comes up.
  8. Stay up late. After the sun sets, there is a lot that can get done. Gary Vaynerchuk writes and talks about the accomplishments between 9 pm and 1 am. That is 4 hours a day. In 4 hours a day, 28 hours a week, you can build something massive, you can run an entire business!
  9. Stay humble. Continue to show up for the love of the game. Show up to train and to learn. Show up for the win. Be mindful, you don’t have to brag or boast when you do win, your actions and the accomplishment will do that for you.
  10. Study to learn and grow. You do not just receive information automatically, you must deliberately want to learn, and you have to look for learning opportunities in every situation. The interactions of people are just as valuable as a classroom learning situation.


When you conduct training, you can improve others, you add value to them and when you do - you too will improve. You should be excellent at a skill to be able to teach a skill. SO, when you invest time to train or mentor someone else in a skill and it will keep you sharp.

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