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Mar 22, 2018

Basics, they really do matter in sales!

What do I mean when I say basics. Well, there are a few things. Actually, four specific things that I think will produce more sales in any organization.

  1. PEOPLE. Caring about and retaining people has been a heavy subject for me lately. No business can operate without staff – it’s the people. When you have good people – nothing can stop you. When your people are uncaring, nonchalant or not in the right position, nothing can save you. People create the success of the business and they also create the failures.
  2. COURTESY. I’m really starting to think common courtesy is not so commonplace. I’m talking simple things – like eye contact when you are speaking to someone saying please, and thank you. These things are important. Why – because intrinsically it shows the other person that they are important because you are paying full attention to them!
  3. PRODUCT. If you don’t have a good product. Then nothing can save you. None of the other things that I share with you will help you. You must have a good product to sell… whatever it is that you are selling.
  4. PROCESS. This is all the stuff that you do. The steps that you take and everything that goes into making a sale. This part is really what the inspiration for this episode. So let’s talk a bit more about the process.

When it comes to process – we often abandon the basics. Think about it – often in business you have heard someone say… “We have to get back to the basics.” Why do they have to do that? Because they abandoned their core. As we progress through our sales careers, new and cool, shiny things come along – the internet, email, texting, now video mail, and social media – those are all great communication tools. At the core of our basics though – it’s the human connection, the courtesy we display to others, our product and how well we navigate through our actual sales process with the customer that determines when we make a sale or not.

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