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Aug 6, 2018

These five tips can bring massive success!

Here we go! These by no means are the ONLY tips to see success in life or in business. But these five are speaking to me right now. So I thought I would share! This may be a refresher for some and an epiphany to others.

  1. Consistency. Being consistent is an ongoing and common theme in being successful, whether it be in business or in personal life. Consistency in my opinion also includes some planning. You must plan to be consistent and consistently plan.
  2. Do things that matter towards your goal. This is simple, but not always easy. Just ask yourself the question – “What I am working on right now… is it moving me closer to the goal or further away?” If it is moving you closer. Then do that. If not. Stop it.
  3. Connect with people. One thing I have learned over time is that we cannot achieve the highest level that we want to by ourselves. We must build relationships. Nurture those relationships. Because connecting with people and helping them to grow helps us grow in the process. And the more you reach out and connect, the more you will find that your skills complement others and theirs will compliment you!
  4. Show no fear! Remember the “NO FEAR” shirts in the 90’s? I thought those were so cool… I collected them and wore them out to the point, I have none left. Anyway – this is not saying to HAVE no fear, I ‘m saying not to display it. When you show that you are nervous about something, it magnifies. The people around you see it, they get nervous and play off of it. Fear can be crippling, not necessarily when you have it. But when you allow it to become a focus for yourself or others.
  5. Take action – ACT! This has been a mantra of mine for some time! You have to GO! It’s one thing to say you will do any of these other four things, and another to take action towards them. Even if it is 5, then 10, then 15 minutes per day. Spend some time working, like really working on or towards your goals!

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