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Dec 11, 2017

Welcome... to THE FRONT #50!

It really is crazy to me how quickly time flies. I’ve been producing new episodes of “The FRONT” for over six months now! I get several questions that pop through my inbox with things like, “Wow! I loved the last show, but what exactly do you cover in other episodes?” – OR – “Good show! Where do you get the content?”

Let me give a little background - I started podcasting back in 2010. And I do it because it’s FUN! It’s a great way to get a message out and help others to grow and make an impact on people. IN 2010 and 2011 I recorded close to 80 episodes of my original podcast “RE-ignition” – That show was all about lighting your fire, getting re-motivated and fired up in sales. You can listen to past episodes through my blog here – – on Libsyn or listen to the audio on YouTube.

One of the tough parts like so many online interactions – is you never really know who will connect with your content, or even who sees it. SO it really just becomes a labor of love and a release. For me, it is about doing something good. So, I figured today I would just go back… in my "wayback machine" and talk about some of the basics.

The FRONT is about three primary subjects that are very near and dear to me.

  1. Sales Training - This is heavily skewed towards the auto industry. It’s where I have lived now for the past 15 years. Though I have a background in sales for over 25 years. This includes strategies and real life things that will help salespeople in many different facets to make more sales. Sometimes it is simple in just reminding people to be themselves and tell the truth.
  2. Motivational Content – Motivation is ultimately a need or want. People get motivated to take action and do things when they need or want something bad enough. For these shows, they just become a reminder to reach inside and drive yourself.
  3. Leadership – I have been in a management role, by title, of some sort for over 25 years. Just by being there… has made me realize that there is more a need for managers or people in key roles in any organization to have real meaningful “people interaction” and to learn to lead others rather than try to manage them. You can manage peoples activities, you have to lead their heads and their hearts.

The FRONT is about being out in FRONT on these subjects. About doing more, and being more.

Where do I get my content? It’s a culmination of past learning, current events, impactful things that people say to me. But, ultimately it’s ideas that I figure these things are affecting, or having an impact on me, I want to share those ideas with others. Because if there is a need in one person's life, it’s likely there is a need for others as well.

Thank you for reading, or watching, or listening. You are awesome! 

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