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Dec 3, 2017

These are my 3 keys to sales success!

In the past week, I have been really living in my core. Sales and training. I have just been absorbed with training myself, re-training, getting involved with good books and videos. I really love these two things. They are deeply who I am. Sales has always been in my blood. I think it started when I was about six… and convinced my mom to drive to Denver (an hour away from us) so that I could get this new transforming robot toy – a GoBot. (Yeah if you don’t know what those are, they were before the transformers and way less cool than they are today.) That story is for another time… it’s just one of those things thinking back, that now, I feel I can pinpoint where I get some of the sales approach from. So fast forward to today… to become successful and excellent in sales and I mean sales of any product or service – I believe you need these three things. Note, these are not the ONLY three things you must master – I think these are key. I have mentioned these in past episodes, either individually or in combination with some other steps.

So let’s talk -

These are the three key things you have to manage: Attitude, Preparation, and Consistency.

  1. Attitude – it’s your approach, how do you view things, your beliefs. It is reflected heavily in your behaviors. It’s easy for people on the outside to look and determine if your attitude is positive and good, or if and when it isn’t. Attitude is defined heavily by your self-talk. What are you saying to yourself – are you talking to yourself as a champion – or a loser? Be kind to yourself! Attitude defines your mental state. Attitude is displayed in many ways. It’s there in how you speak to other people. It’s in your body posture. Attitude will also help to define the action that you take – if you believe you can do anything – you will!
  2. Preparation - How prepared are you for what is coming at you? Preparation is simple… it's just getting ready. And then being ready. Being prepared starts by defining your day. Writing activates downs – making and taking actions that are not yet necessary, but that you can see will be necessary to conduct business. Making sure you are ready as a person, making sure you know your product. And – make sure you are ready for the person that is coming to do business with you. The person or prospect that is coming to do business with you deserves that you are the expert and you are prepared to work with them.
  3. Consistency – This is being WILLING to do many of the same things repeatedly until you can get the same or similar results. Consistency takes some grit and fortitude. Being consistent and doing the same things can get boring. (LINK TO CONSISTENCY TO SUCCESS)

All three of these things tie together Attitude, Preparation, and Consistency.

Your attitude will weigh how well you prepare each day and will determine how well you can stay consistent. Your level of consistency will help in determining your volume of sales and therefore your attitude and then ties back to being prepared again the next day. So, for me, there is not one of these things that is more or less important – it’s a circle. Three simple keys to sales success! Thank you for reading, watching, or listening to this episode of THE FRONT!  

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