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Sep 6, 2017

In training, you should TELL  and SHOW your staff to get the best out of them!

Training and teaching are all about being in the front! We likely all remember the weekly "show and tell" when we were in school. Well, in leadership and management it's the inverse. You must TELL and SHOW your people what needs to be done!

Effective training boils down to good communication followed by action. It is also being able to perform the task you are asking to get done yourself. You must clearly communicate what you want to be done; the goal or the task at hand. And, you must be able to articulate it in a manner that your peers or employees are able to comprehend.  If, as a leader, you cannot or will not do the things you want your people to do, then your team will lack accountability. Without accountability, your team, and your business cannot grow. So, train, teach, and grow others around you. Tell people what you want as an outcome, and then be able to show them to help bring them along!

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