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Sep 11, 2017

Leaders are always watched. Even when they are not on the field!

I love football as an analogy for business. ANy sports really share so many similarities in leadership and the business world. Leadership is an all the time thing. Many newer managers want to grandstand and show what they can accomplish while they are on the "field" and in play. The reality is that if you are in a leadership role, you are being watched ALL the time! Both your teammates (staff and peers) and the fans (other departments) are watching all the time to see how you perform as a leader... even when you are on the sideline.

Are you leading from the front and showing character and poise? Or are you a one-dimensional taking the limelight from your team to show how good you are? Because you really should invest in your people, grow them and make them self-sufficient. and then when you cheer and lead from the sideline, you will like take more wins than losses!  

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