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Feb 8, 2018

Whatever you focus on you get more of.

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Clarity and focus are two of the top attributes in achieving high levels of success and blowing away goals boundaries set by yourself or society. Clarity is a sharpness, certainty, being definite. Focus is the center of an activity. Having clear definition… example the point of origin of an earthquake.

I love positive mindset and discussions on the subject of things like “The Law Of Attraction” One of the coolest statements that I think I have heard in my lifetime is “Whatever the mind can conceive and believes it can achieve,” from Napoleon Hill.

This statement consists of three parts: concept, belief, and achievement.

Concept is just a thought, a fleeting idea that pops into our head and for whatever reason, and we start to retain that one idea. When we get focused on and excited about an idea though we begin to repeat it so often that we begin to believe it.

Belief is the total confidence and truth in the existence of something. The key to achieving anything is to first see it in your mind. You don’t have to have the plan fully developed even. You just must know so deeply that it can be done, when you believe something deeply, you don’t even need to know HOW to accomplish something. But just to know that it can be accomplished.

Achievement is first and foremost… follow-through, it’s grit and fortitude to try… until. After all, we set goals so we can hit them. Goals aren't just for practice! Maintain your belief in yourself, your ideas, your beliefs and TRY UNTIL… you achieve success!

Keep thinking fresh ideas, believe them all and really, I mean really GO FOR IT – make all of your dreams a reality! 

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