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Oct 12, 2017

How to keep going, and maintaining momentum!

Inspiration came from my kickboxing class this morning. I had one of the gal's hollers at me, "COME ON MIKE, KEEP GOING!" My immediate reply was, "Just because I am not going as fast as you, does not mean I've stopped." I think that is so relevant and important to acknowledge in business, management, and leadership. It's okay for people to move at a different speed or take different approaches to get a task completed. You just don't want to allow them to stop or stagnate.

You want people to complete tasks, and you want them to complete them well. You also, want people that work for you to have an opportunity to grow at their pace. Just remember be a positive influence. Encourage people. Push them to keep going! Keep people moving forward, it's easier to keep them going than it is to get them started again from a complete stop!  

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