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Aug 6, 2017

Leadership Accountability - GET SOME!

The definition of accountability is the state of being accountable or an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility. Is this you? Are you completing tasks with the same diligence that you assign to your staff? Are you performing the duties necessary to lead and get out in front? Do you have the ability to perform the tasks that you are asking of others? Are you present in the moment? Is your team and/or department consistently hitting their goals?

Key points of Leadership Accountability:

  • Being present in the moment with your staff, not just showing up, but participating in your team’s well-being and the pursuit of the goals.
  • Having the ability to assist in completing tasks that have been delegated to others. You can’t coach what you don’t know
  • Leaders being responsible for their job duties as well as those that answer to them.
  • Leaders that are the most actionable and involved receive more lateral praise from other leaders and from other staff members when working together towards a common goal for the business

Why is Leadership Accountability Important? Leaders that are willing to be the most involved, get out front and take action are the ones whose teammates enjoy the most success and have other quality players gravitate towards them. You can staff up with champions if you are accountable and a champion yourself! A leader’s or manager accountability at work is important to a business’s success. All employees, no matter what level they are in an organization are responsible for some piece of the company’s success. Leaders who are capable and lead by example are the ones that allow their workplace to become more accountable and ultimately make the business more efficient, effective and profitable!