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Jan 8, 2018

Actually, In most anything, seeing is believing. Especially in leadership positions.

The reason is because once someone can see something take place, or they see a goal get accomplished it starts to change how their perception is.

Taking action is especially important for people in management and leadership roles. When those in leadership take action to show others how to accomplish a goal or task, they get buy-in. The people that work along-side, or for them, start to understand what to do and how to do it. Watching these people perform the tasks they are asking for, carries much more weight than just a "story-telling session" about the good old days.

If you are in a leadership role in your organization it is important to continue to be brilliant at the basic tasks that got you into your position in the first place. Don't abandon the things that got you to where you are.

If you continue to do those things and show others how to do those things you will be unstoppable. SHOW people how to be excellent in business. Don't just tell them how you got there.  

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