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Dec 10, 2018

Today I am talking about the #1 sales skill.

Please join me, and share your opinion on what the number one sales skill is in the comments below!

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Dec 6, 2018

With me this week on The FRONT is Cory Mosley, this guy is an all-around amazing business leader!! 

Cory is an award-winning business strategist, coach, and speaker. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14 with business interests in the salon, laundry, business consulting, automotive, and confectionary...

Dec 3, 2018

Today on The FRONT I am doing live Q&A on Leadership and Sales.

Please join me. If you are LIVE, join in the conversation in the chat bar. If you are watching later - love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Here are a few questions I address today.

1. How can you grade a leader?

2. How do you grow once you are...

Nov 29, 2018

This week my guest is Lisa Copeland!

Lisa is an amazingly influential and hardworking businesswoman! She travels the country speaking to small businesses, associations, and large corporations teaching methods that got her to the top of her field. She understands what customers want and how to motivate them to buy. And...

Nov 26, 2018

Today I am talking about listening to each other and having meaningful conversations.

It's important that when someone is wanting or needing to connect that we make the time. This can be for management or leadership, listening to their people. Vice-versa this is important from an employee perspective when you need to...